Calendly meeting + Workflows + Cancel meeting + workflow


We want to create an email series (workflow) inviting list members to take advantage of a promo by scheduling a call through Calendly.


If they schedule the meeting, we want to take them off the promo workflow. We are ok with Calendly sending the Meeting reminder emails/texts up to the meeting time.


If they cancel their scheduled meeting beforehand, we want another set of emails to follow up and get them to reschedule (appointment abandonment).


If they do reschedule, we're okay with Calendly sending meeting reminder emails/texts (unless you have a better idea that works).


Problem/Question: I haven't figured out to even do step one - create a trigger/filter so that when someone sets the Calendly appointment, they're taken off the Promo workflow. The Calendly contact properties are fill in text boxes? And I'm not sure if Hubspot Meeting properties are the answer to this either. 


Does anyone have experience or input with this?

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So, I'm not sure the types of fields you have available to use, but here are a couple ideas for getting contacts off of the promo workflow automatically.


1) Could you set a goal rule on the workflow that looks at the meeting date's field?

Make a rule like: if [calendly meeting date field] is more than 1 day from now, they goal-out


2) Another option could be to use a list. If they schedule a meeting, they go onto a specific list. Then, in the workflow "settings" area, go to "unenrollment and suppression" on the sidebar and then add the list to the box. Then, once they qualify for the list you made, they will get dropped off. This one might provide more flexibility if you don't have date fields to work with.



I am trying to do the same thing. Did you ever figure it out?



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Hey @Rojono and @Billsen here how I solved the problem.


Create a new workflow Contact Type and "Center on a date property". From there select Last activity date as the property field. 


When you connect Calendly and HubSpot, the API from Calendly sets the "Last activity date" as the meeting date. 


Then in the Contact enrollment trigger, I use the Meeting name field contains "Calendly: ".


All meetings that are booked from Calendly are prefixed this name.


You could also create workflows for specific calendly links if you want. Like Meeting name field contains "Calendly: 15 - Phone Call"


Then build out your workflow from there. You have two options to do so.


Option 1: If you know the contact isn't going to complete any other forms or "activities" on your sites, then you can keep it as simple as this.


Option 2: If you are unsure if the Last activity date will change like you them to complete forms before the call. Then you would need to create a second workflow to copy the value from "Last Activity date" to a new custom date field. Then use this new date field within your first workflow as the center on date property. 


Hope this helps.


If you want to dig more into contacts that were just created via Calendly API only, go digging into the View All Properties on a contact and look at "source" fields. The original source fields can show you more details about how the contact was originally created.


Screenshot of my workflow:



Contact View All Properties around "source"