Best practice or advice on entering more descriptive information for offline sources


We are doing content syndication and we will be uploading leads into HubSpot. I've created a couple of custom properties to better identify/describe the "offline sources", such as "import source name" and "import source type". I am trying to figure out where/how to import the name of the content that was viewed for these leads. In this case, they are videos. Just wondering if anyone has any best practices, I feel like I shouldn't create too many custom properties. Should I import this info into the "notes" property? I guess it would be nice to be able to create a list based on content viewed and not sure I can do that using the notes property.

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Key Advisor

In the basic Hubspot setup, what I would typically recommend is creating your own tracking codes for your activities and create 2 fields, and original value and a most recent value. The original value gets set the first time you interact with that lead and is never overwritten. The most recent value gets updated with every action that takes place like a form submission.


Ideally, if you have access to custom data objects (CDOs) or a way to store a multi-dimensional array attached to the contact record, I would recommend that you store every most recent value in that related table to your contact so that you can see their entire history and also create a true multi-touch attribution model for your revenue stream.