After import and create a list, I must wait to send an email?

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Hello there,

When I import and in the email, I select it a list to send, this field dropdown shows that the list has 1500 total of contact but in "Total recipients" some contacts are missing and are completed after hours or a day.

I must worry about this?

If I send the email with "Total recipients" some contact missing, will send all?


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Sometimes it takes a minute for all the contacts in a list (especially one of that size) to import. That would explain why some contacts are missing. I would wait to send emails until the list has completely uploaded.


If Hubspot has notified you that the list is uploaded and some of the contracts aren't being included in the list you send, check to see if there are errors while uploading the list. More often than not there is probably something about the information that isn't formatted correctly and requires you to fix before uploading.