Abandoned Cart info not pushing into HubSpot

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Hello all! We're trying to move our abandoned cart process from WooCommerce to HubSpot. We use Wordpress for our site. 


The problem is, only SOME of the contacts that Wordpress has recorded as abandoning their shopping cart are being pushed into HubSpot.


HubSpot support has recommended creating a workflow that creates an "Abandoned Cart Deal" for each contact, but that doesn't solve the problem of some contacts NOT being pulled into HubSpot at all, so how would I create a deal for a contact that's not there?


Below is my enrollment trigger in workflows.



I also tried creating a workflow in the Ecommerce section of Integrations.



Bottom line, has anyone had this issue of contacts NOT moving to HubSpot from Wordpress or WooCommerce? Is it a Wordpress problem, and they're not being pushed into HS? Or did I make a mistake in HubSpot, and they're not being pulled out of WP?


Thank you!

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Hello @EmmaWashington 


Is it the integration provided by MakeWebBetter? I confirmed with our team that the integration they provide is built with our eCommerce Bridge APIs, much like our own Shopify Integration.

However, there may be subtle differences between the two.

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Thank you so much Pam! I'll give it a try!