What's on your Sales Enablement Certification wishlist?

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Was there anything you were hoping the course would cover that it didn't? Or is there anything you would have liked to see covered in more depth? Comment and let us know!

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Dear Kylle,


As your name seems t suggest, you're killing (at leat, in my Portuguese language, your name would sound like "killinng"). The course is excellent, I have other commitments, but I'm doing a lesson per day. I got into it because you mentioned Clayton Christensen. I hope to see him in the lessons to come.


Thank you very much.

I will be a HubSpot Customer next year!

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Thanks for putting together the Sales Enablement course @KyleJepson, it was very helpful!


Wondering if anyone has figured out an easy way to get some of the metrics needed for the SLA, for example


  • Average sales deal size
  • Average sales cycle length
  • Average lead-to-MQL conversion rate %
  • MQL to Customer conversion rate %





This information would best come from your CRM.  You'll be able to tell how long it takes from the time an opportunity is created until the deal is closed (closed won stage).  You also be able to tell what the value of that opportunity is, because Sales would have assigned it a value most likely through a quote.  This works well for product sales (one time transaction) but may not work as well for services sales (where there may be an initial opportuity value, then some amount of ongoing project work).  So you will need to develop a method for capturing that lifetime opportunity value.  

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Thanks for the feedback! While the product is a service, the initial sale value works well as an indicator for most sale metrics.

With Hubspot's CRM, I was able to figure out the Average Days to Close directly in the sales dashboard.




But haven't been able to automatically get the Average Deal Value, so I'm exporting deals for each sales rep / date range, and manually calculating that in Excel. It would be great if anyone know of a way to get Average Deal Value per Owner in Hubspot. 



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   Playing around with the Sale Pro Dashboard tool, I think I found the answer to this one.


Is a built in function.


Average Sales Amount by OwnerAverage Sales Amount by Owner