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I read the solution to how to make captcha on button submission of popup form. They mention "Go to market lead capture ->form->click on form and look left " for a Other form submission. This doesn't seem to exist??? I would like to force captcha to invisble but cannot seem to find out how. Currently captcha still brings up the window asking user to find matching pics. This will decrease the subscribe rate. The current posted solution shows a part of the form that doesn't seem to exist??? Does anyone know where to change the captcha to invisible instead of the solution posted???

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Here is the solution:


Basically if you have a simple follow up enabled, it is not possible to disable captcha. And making it hidden doesn't allow it to be human validated (defeating its purpose) so that cannot be done either.  What you can do instead of using a simple follow up is to create a workflow on the backend to check for a form submission and send emails via that.


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I should clarify. I do not want to remove captcha. I prefer it "INVISIBLE" as they call it and simpler (like the "I am not a robot") checkbox. Currently, it brings up the grid of photos for the user to match. The photo match captcha is sometimes quite difficult and causes many would-be subsribers to abandon signup.


Same issue. Just got a very angry customer email complaining about the difficulty of the CAPTCHA: 


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Feedback: Bad. The captcha pictures have such low resolution that I failed the robot test 17 straight times. Do you REALLY want to make it impossible to sign up for your newsletter? 
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Just to add my two cents, as captcha is a Google service that HubSpot is pulling in, HubSpot is dependent upon the way that Google reads users and renders images for captcha. The only issue could be scripts running that are interfering with captcha reading the user's activities. 


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