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What is the possibility of submitting the form by the non-Gmail user who needs to fill my HubSpot form?

any good response will be very appreciated because I am new to Hubspot form.

thank you all.

What can I do to make those that are not using Gmail fill and submit data with my HubSpot for

 thank you

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Hmm, there are a few options that might help. It's very common for people to use their generic Gmail/yahoo emails when signing up for blogs/newsletters for instance. What I would suggest is to update the email address form field copy so it says "business email" or "work email" instead of just "email address" to encourage them to use a non-Gmail address. You can also put the helper text as "please include your work/business email" instead if that works. 


Alternatively, add in a "company name" form field. At the very least, even if their email is a Gmail address, you will still know the company a new lead is from.