can you create pop-up forms that redirect to a landing page?

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I have an asset I want to promote using the popup forms (previously lead flows).

The way they are set up, I only see an option to create a new form within the pop up (i.e. if someone clicks the pop-up button, it turns into a short form for grabbing emails or basic info).


I want to create a popup that when clicks leads to another landing page - i.e. person clicks and it takes him to a webinar registration page with a longer form (that is also connected to gotowebinar).


Is there some way of doing this?

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Hi @Talval 


HubSpot Pop-up Form support only that, forms, at present. If you want a pop-up element to point visitors to a landing page you will need to have develop create a pop-up modal for you, or use another third party tool. 


Hope this helps.

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