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  • RJ-ENQZ on January 14, 2022
    0 Replies
    I have two problems with the Native HubSpot forms. I have created a form where the end user can upload files to me. These files are in audio format (WAV) averaging 70MB in size. *The first problem is that when they submit the form (click submit)...
  • Allie_ on January 14, 2022
    1 Replies
    It would be great if there was an option to update consent text on all forms when it is updated. I understand there are use cases where you would only want it updated on new forms, but having the option to update on previously built and published fo...
    Hall of Famer
    January 14, 2022 12:52
    Hi @Allie_ , I'd agree, this would be useful. There is already a request in the HubSpot Ideas section for bulk editing forms , I'd recommend ...
  • MResch on January 14, 2022
    0 Replies
    Hey guys, I am just creating a form with different properties (about 20) and keep getting the error message " This field has a restricted label. Change the label and try saving again." (see picture). Problem is: it doesn't show me which one of t...
  • shangilhuley on January 12, 2022
    1 Replies
    I'm having trouble centering embedded CTAs on our website in wordpress. We have button styling in our theme, but we can align them any way we want on the page using the WYSIWYG no problem. I embedded a hubspot CTA on this page: https://memoryblue.c...
    Key Advisor
    January 13, 2022 05:40
    Hi @shangilhuley , To center HubSpot CTA in your link, add this code in your CSS: span.hs-cta-wrapper { display: block; margin: 0 ...
  • DJohnson4 on January 12, 2022
    2 Replies
    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with Hubspot forms on Sitecore CMS? We currently have several pop-up forms integrated with our Sitecore CMS. The issue I have is that they do not have a unique URL, so I cannot send a customer directly to the fo...
    Key Advisor | Gold Partner
    January 13, 2022 15:13
    Hi David, You could add a hidden field to each HubSpot form (in HubSpot) with the source (e.g. page name, url). It's a bit clunky and man...
  • SJR on January 11, 2022
    1 Replies
    Dear Hubspot Community hope someone can help. I Am trying to turn off the email capture message in the chat flow while we are out of the office. Otherwise, I am doubling up my message as per below. I don't want it just to be the email capture, I wo...
    Community Manager
    January 12, 2022 15:05
    Hello @SJR , are you currently using our live chatbot option? I would recommend creating a bot with the options you would like and after collect...
  • AnjaliM on January 09, 2022
    2 Replies
    We are using Hubspot API to capture form fills from our web forms and we have recently noticed that certain domains are getting blocked by Hubspot. We have a form validation on our website forms side which should be the final check/ true source of i...
    Key Advisor | Gold Partner
    January 11, 2022 14:08
    Hi @AnjaliM Not sure why that would be happening... could it be a check to see if the domain name has been registered? That would be an easy...
  • Solved
    Jefta_Bade on January 07, 2022
    4 Replies
    Hey Awesome community. I am building my first Landing Page and I have 6 buttons that all need to direct the visitor to the form at the bottom of the same page. How to do that? Page 👉 https://go.jeftabade.com/masterclass I use Marketing...
    January 09, 2022 12:55
    Super awesome @LaurenKennedy Thank you for this explanation. I applied it and it WORKED! If others are reading this 👉 Find the insert butt...
  • VarunK on January 07, 2022
    3 Replies
    Here's the sitch: 1. I have created an Elementor form (I believe it's a static HTML form... NOT iframe). 2. Installed Hubspot plugin to wordpress. 3. Pasted the Hubspot tracking code to body section in Elementor custom code section... and even...
    January 11, 2022 06:44
    Hi @VarunK , Have you configured the Form ID in Elementor? If yes and everything else is set up as in this article , then it is hard to s...
  • mimidwest on January 06, 2022
    4 Replies
    I'm trying to figure out the best way to create a workflow that triggers a reminder email to complete an intake questionnaire after two, four and seven days. I just don't know if it's possible within one workflow or it has to be many... In shor...
    January 08, 2022 01:26
    Thank you for your reply Karsten. I ended up using a similar route, but hadn't considered setting a goal as the data point to track. I'll take a look...
  • bhughesxd on January 06, 2022
    1 Replies
    Hi, We use a customized wordpress theme for our company and have several contact form 7 forms in place. We recently started working with Hubspot and I would like to try to start building landing pages through Hubspot while incorporating our CF7 for...
    HubSpot Employee
    January 07, 2022 01:42
    Hi @bhughesxd It sounds like you are trying to recreate a CF7 WordPress contact form in a HubSpot landing page, correct? While I'm not awar...
  • jewells on December 29, 2021
    1 Replies
    How to restrict other domains? Allow users to submit if they submit from the allowed domain
    Community Manager
    January 03, 2022 06:32
    Hi @jewells Thank you for reaching out. You can block email domains on a form by following these steps . Hope that helps. Ha...
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