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  • CGREENE on November 29, 2021
    0 Replies
    Forms Tool Improvement Suggestions I have a few wish list items for the forms editor that I'm hopeful are easy fixes. 1. Text Editor Quirks A heading as it appears in the editor: As it appears on the form in-process (display on t...
  • Dmotionad67 on November 28, 2021
    0 Replies
    I'm cleaning up some config files to remove sensitive information from source control. Do I need to secure the form IDs that i'm sending data to?
  • Solved
    Chris_AU on November 25, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi Guys, Hoping someone can assist with an issue we're having with a hubspot form. We've embedded aform in an iFrame to ensure the size of the form is correct and doesnt take up the whole page. However, the form doesnt work as we can click on...
    Community Manager
    November 26, 2021 08:53
    Hi @Chris_AU , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Have you maybe already checked this troubleshooting article? Can you reprodu...
  • Solved
    Oussama1 on November 24, 2021
    2 Replies
    I didn't understand the pre-populate option and how it overwrites the previous cockie placed on the visitors browser. What does that mean for me? Let's say, the purpose of my form is to collect leads (just basic information to send a newsletter ...
    Hall of Famer
    November 24, 2021 22:02
    Hi @Oussama1 , HubSpot can pre-populate fields with known values only when a visitor has previously submitted a HubSpot form using the same d...
  • RvanderHeide on November 24, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi! I'm implementing the live chat in the website and, by default, first it opens one chat but once you start sending messages there's like a menu where you can see all chats and create new ones. I'm looking to only allow the user to open one ch...
    November 25, 2021 01:47
    Hi! Thanks for answering @Josh . Here goes before starting the chat, there is only one conversation: After starting the chat an arrow ap...
  • Solved
    LCamporeale on November 23, 2021
    2 Replies
    I created a form and embedded it on a WordPress site page. Tested the form on multiple devices and it worked. At a recent in-person event, people were able to access the form, submit it and get a thank you message. People at the event were mos...
    November 23, 2021 06:02
    We tracked down the issue, it was un-hubspot related.
  • dmytro on November 19, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hello I use the WP Gravity Forms plugin and I need to send data on each step of the multistep form. At least I want to send name and email from the first form step and after, if the user finished form I want to send data again to the HS The qu...
    November 23, 2021 01:12
    I get this answer from GF support: I use the WP Gravity Forms plugin and I need to send data on each step of the multistep form. At least I w...
  • eigracee on November 18, 2021
    1 Replies
    I am sending bulk emails using Send in Blue and I want to be able to create a list in HubSpot for the Clickthroughs. Please can someone help me on how to do this. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Hall of Famer
    November 18, 2021 21:57
    Hi @eigracee , There is an integration for Sendinblue with HubSpot but from a first glance, what you're looking for is not included in the f...
  • ABeständig on November 18, 2021
    2 Replies
    So we've created a custom contact property in hubspot, which is called "contact-group" In hubspot it was created as a dropdown with three options, called A, B and C. Now I want to create a check box field in my elementor form in which you ca...
    November 29, 2021 01:36
    Well, I guess I already got my answer in another post that got recommended to me. Apparently non-hubspot forms can only transfer single-line te...
  • AliceDC on November 13, 2021
    5 Replies
    Hi community, I'm trying to implement a pop up form on my website but it's not showing at all. I've checked all the possible explanantions: - my tracking code is well installed on the page - the options are ok - My chat is not at the same place...
    November 18, 2021 22:09
    As I was too having similar issue but it got fixed as I removed the HS tracking website script. Thanks Mate!
  • TGoicea on November 12, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hi all, I really hope you guys can help, as I have been looking for a solution almost everywhere. Our website ( www.insightout-analytics.com ) runs on Wix, and we capture leads via embedded HubSpot forms, as well as pop-up forms. With pop-up...
    Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
    November 16, 2021 01:16
    Ok thanks for the update. That is interesting because if the HubSpot JS is firing correctly on the page where the form resides then it should pick or...
  • NomUk on November 10, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hello, I keep getting a reconversion and an original lead at the same time. Is there a way to turn the reconversion off? I am using non-HubSpot forms integrated with Hubspot on WordPress we also integrate with SalesForce. Thank you!
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    November 12, 2021 00:06
    @NomUk , the workaround will work according to your need but please note it will create a hastle of creating new workflows for solving the purpose...
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