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  • TamaraJoy on August 02, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hey HS Community, We've been stuck on a particular workflow for a while and I'm hoping someone may have a suggestion. We manage a large online B2B product catalog on Joomla + VirtueMart: https://www.dpcanada.com/en/concrete/blades/blackhawk....
    Community Manager
    August 02, 2021 14:25
    Hello @TamaraJoy , thank you for all the information provided. I wanted to add some top experts to share their thoughts, @karstenkoehler , @webdew...
  • Solved
    Kashish_Garg on July 22, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hi, I want to create a follow-up mail for a webinar form (soon after they register). Can I insert a personalized token in the mail because I could not find it anywhere while creating the mail? Ps. We have a starter package.
    Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
    July 23, 2021 05:52
    Thanks for sharing that, @karstenkoehler ! I wasn't aware of that functionality.
  • Solved
    DanielHird on July 22, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi, Within a form, we removed an event date yesterday (session was full), but the following day, we've recieved 2 form submissions for that removed date. I'm assuming what has happened is the opened the form yesterday morning, but didn't submit it...
    July 23, 2021 04:11
    Hi Karsten, Yes, while it was a colleague (not me) who made the changes, I checked and they had been published. I think the "unlikely but possible" ...
  • Solved
    DCooke on July 19, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hello, We have a situation where we want to be able to provide extra information and a link to another webpage when a contact selects a specific checkbox in a drop-down menu for our website's contact form. If someone selects the <10,000 sq ft op...
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    July 19, 2021 22:42
    Hi @DCooke , Currently its not possible to make a text appear when someone while selecting a partiucular option of a field in HubSpot. You can put...
  • Leena on June 16, 2021
    1 Replies
    We have Hubspot integrated with Google Adwords. The SQL data should be the same we see on Google Adwords as Hubspot since the data is pulled from Hubspot, but we have a campaign which shows 8 SQL on Google Adwords vs. 13 on Hubspot for this mont...
    Community Manager
    June 17, 2021 02:21
    Hi @Leena Thank you for reaching out. The way HubSpot attributes contacts to your Google ads differs from the way the ad networks def...
  • CGerben on June 15, 2021
    1 Replies
    My site uses HubSpot forms on several pages. All of the forms make use of the reCaptcha function. However, the site has speed and performance issues tied to a " recaptcha__en.js" script. I'm trying to figure out if this is stray script from somewher...
    Community Manager
    June 16, 2021 15:46
    Hello @CGerben , wanted to share this conversation here discussing similar concerns on the Community where we have shared some additional infor...
  • Solved
    Gueterk on May 27, 2021
    1 Replies
    I asked this in CRM community and didn't get much traction, but hoping that someone in marketing had an experience and can shed some light. here's my situation and question: (1) we have the HS tracking code installed on our existing WordPress site....
    Key Advisor
    May 27, 2021 12:35
    Hi @Gueterk , If you change the structure of your current site, but for the same domain and use the same HubSpot account that your contact is...
  • rs44 on May 26, 2021
    3 Replies
    Currently on aaii.com, our "Spring Sale" banner form, which links to a non-Hubspot sales landing page, covers our top navigation options, including member login. Is it possible to configure these banner forms such that they push down site conten...
    Participant | Platinum Partner
    June 16, 2021 07:17
    Following this thread since I'm experiencing the same issue/question. The dropdown banner covers my site's logo and navigation menu. Is it my underst...
  • mrFleshka on May 26, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hi, we use hidden HS form submitting (in our site we use our forms, but after user submit this one, we create hidden HS form in iframe and automatically submit this). We use this for a lot of reasons. We have our email validation, and check only mas...
    HubSpot Employee
    May 31, 2021 20:50
    Hey @mrFleshka , Happy to help shed some lights here. As mentioned by this KB article , Email addresses entered into the Em...
  • LioH on May 01, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi, I have a question to correctly identify/follow/tags our leads comming from online ads. Here is our setup : - We got leads from Facebook @& Google Ads - Everything is UTM tracked - We use Googel Tag Manager with all the correct tags + co...
    Community Manager
    May 04, 2021 03:55
    Hi @LioH Thank you for reaching out. I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Daniel_Bleich @NicoleSengers @Jonno_Price do y...
  • Simond0BCS on April 13, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or recommendations for making the live chat functionality fully accessible for disabled users? Our web team demands that we make our site fully accessible so don't want to include the live chat func...
    Community Manager
    April 14, 2021 09:09
    Hello @Simond0BCS , could you please provide us more details on our goal? You would like disabled HubSpot Users to access your chat in HubSpot or on...
  • Solved
    SDinesh on March 09, 2021
    3 Replies
    Hi, Yesterday I have noticed that submissions for a form under marketing forms haven't seen. Not sure why. All the forms submitted before feb 16 seem to have disappeared. How and why can this happen ? Is there any auto delete or bulk delete option ...
    March 15, 2021 05:44
    Closing this. Date filters are changed. Forms visible
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