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JInglis on November 07, 2023
Hi, Is there a list of valid Top Level Domains list for email accounts? Having hunted around for a while, I've come across the list of blocked free email domains: Domains blocked from form submissions (hubspot.com) And this page as wel read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
December 07, 2023 07:55
Hi @JInglis , It must be super annoying to receive so many spam emails! At WorkHack, we figured out a solution to this! WorkHack forms integrate wi...read more
DJohnson4 on June 22, 2023
Hi, Does anyone know if having submenus in dropdown fields on forms is possible, so it looks like this? For reference, we are a holiday company with roughly 60 destinations. What I want to do is group these destinations by country, read more
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 22, 2023 05:52
Hi @DJohnson4 , With the right Professional subscription, this can be achieved with dependent form fields: https://knowledge.hubspot.co...read more
aLearning on June 17, 2023
Can I create this kind of form with hubspot CRM Wordpress plugin form. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBqQHK6Pyoc The payment feature is not needed, just the form flow.
0 upvote
5 Replies
June 28, 2023 11:18
I have done all those things. Deactivate all plugin, incognito, rename form name etc. Still don't work. I guess the last update has a bug. I will try...read more
DJohnson4 on June 06, 2023
Hi, I am currently using a lead generation chatbot on my website, and I have set up a specific goal in Google Analytics to track its performance. However, I recently discovered that the goal can only be triggered when the chatbot starts and ends read more
Accepted Solution
Guide | Gold Partner
June 06, 2023 14:58
Hi @DJohnson4 , here's an idea for a different approach. Instead of having one large chatflow with numerous branches, consider dividing your chatfl...read more
LLoydyyy on April 19, 2023
Hi, I am trying to create a popup form to get leads. But I want to set only the email and first name as required and the last name and company name is not required. Is this possible?
1 upvote
2 Replies
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
April 24, 2023 09:00
Hi @LLoydyyy - I would like to inform you that while creating popup form in HubSpot all the field we are using are set to be required by def...read more
RBertsch on March 31, 2023
We are working on mapping all fields from our custom website forms through Gravity forms to our Hubspot contact properties. Currently, our biggest dilemma is mapping a field with multiple checkboxes into the Hubspot contact property. For instance, i read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor
April 01, 2023 18:06
You could store the values in a secondary property and then copy to the primary property and choose whether to update or replace the existing values ...read more
DJohnson4 on November 25, 2022
Hi, I have a new form that we are hoping to publish soon. However, we have a very long single-column list for one of the form fields. What I would like to do is break this into 3 columns, so it takes up less room. From speaking to Hubspot suppor read more
November 29, 2022 02:56
Hi David, Please add the below JS in your template or Form through rich text - <script> $(window).load(function(){ var counter=0; $("...read more
zangerine1 on November 15, 2022
Hi, I have been trying to find the best solution for passing data stored in a cookie into hidden form fields via GTM. Here's an example of how I want it to work: A user clicks on a paid advertisement and visits my site. The user has a utm_ read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
November 21, 2022 11:14
Thanks for the guide. Unfortunately, this solution didn't work for me. They form listener never recognizes that the HubSpot form has loaded.
Rubalkba on June 21, 2022
Hi, How can we see when a form was deleted and which user deleted it?
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 22, 2022 00:22
Hi @Rubalkba , This information can't be accessed directly. You'd have to reach out ot HubSpot technical support (via the purple in-app help w...read more
Marie_ on June 14, 2022
Help please! I can't work out how to pick up the hidden fields from a Gravity form on my wordpress website. I can see the code relating to one of the hidden field is as below. <li id="field_5_13" class="gfield gfield--width-full gform_hidden f read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
October 26, 2022 09:15
@margaret2 - Nope - keep using the HS code. That will continue to track Website Traffic and different actions that contacts take on your website. Wh...read more
Irina_payarc on February 04, 2022
Hi group, I created a few multi-step forms using Fluent Forms Pro on my landing pages (Wordpress), and when I test them, only the contact info gets transferred to Hubspot (not the other fields) even though the plugin is connected. Do you g read more
HubSpot Employee
February 07, 2022 10:45
Hi @Irina_payarc , Thank you for reaching out! I understand that you are using some WordPress forms and would like to bring the submis...read more
DJohnson4 on January 12, 2022
Hi, Does anyone have any experience with Hubspot forms on Sitecore CMS? We currently have several pop-up forms integrated with our Sitecore CMS. The issue I have is that they do not have a unique URL, so I cannot send a customer directly to the fo read more
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Gold Partner
January 13, 2022 18:13
Hi David, You could add a hidden field to each HubSpot form (in HubSpot) with the source (e.g. page name, url). It's a bit clunky and man...read more
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