add log in with linkedin option to forms

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I'm searching a way to propose my leads to submit forms using Linkedin Infos instead of filling the complete form.


I've found this tutorial ( from 2015 but It's not something we can deploy if we manage hundred forms....


Has anyone succeeded in providing this option on the top of Hubspot forms?

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Hey @mzebib68 


That's a pretty cool idea, but I don't think you'll be able to apply this to all forms both retroactively and new ones.  Forms in HubSpot don't live under a "Template" like landing pages and website pages, so, unfortunately, you'd have to do this for all forms individually.


It might be worth as an idea to have a "Form template" that could affect all forms similar to the landing page and website page templates, you could suggest it here!

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Hi Bryan,


The goal is not yet to implement it to all forms retroactively but more to try to test it for  specific use-cases, also I'm surprised there is no demand for this feature which make a lot of sense with Inbound marketing.


I've found another tutorial ( but I'm still "lost" when it comes to validate the form.


A talented Javascript coder might find the solution quickly to my opinion.... But I'm not.