Wordpress Plugin bug?




1. I love Hubspot, but I must admit... just trying to find the page "contact" is too far fetched (despite being a free user account).

2. I think I've got a bug for your tech team, now I'm a little confused as one minute you saying that I should be using the tracking code or the plugin. I installed the plugin earlier to my privately hosted WordPress site and I've just spent almost 25 minutes trying to log back into this due to the Hubspot plugin. Not sure what happened but every time I tried to log in at  - https://www.247united.com/myaccount/ it kept taking the details from the login box and emailing them back to me, now I use the Membermouse plugin membership system.


Just wondered if you could look into this as I've now had to disable the plugin due to being locked out my admin account again.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @247united is this something you are still experiencing? Sorry for the delayed response here.