Why is Zapier showing more signups than HubSpot form?


I'm confused and would like some help.


I set a HubSpot email subscriber popup form on my website and it shows that it's had 19k visits and 325 signups, all time. I use Zapier to transfer the signups to Mailchimp. But in one week, I've exhausted my 750 contact limit on Zapier. I have an additional 360 'unplayed tasks' (new subscribers on Zapier that I will be manually adding to Mailchimp.


BUT I don't know why there's such a huge discrepancy between the signups shown on HubSpot and the number of new contacts going into my Mailchimp list!


The form on my site appears on multiple pages and I know the contacts aren't fake as I have enabled RECAPTURE on the pop up form.


Please help!

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @ameliatheo 

Zapier's pricing plans have a task limit, so it sounds like you are hitting your 750 tasks per month limit on the Starter plan. The HubSpot to Mailchimp Zap that you have set up likely contains more than one action, and each action in a Zap counts as a task. More details on how that works here.

I hope that helps!

Matthew Shepherd

Senior Inbound Consultant

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