Using forms to capture leads via partners (lead does not submit the form themselves)

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We are starting to run more and more co-marketing activities with our partners. Some of this involves an employee at one of our partner submitting a form on behalf of the actual lead (they're a customer of the partner and are being referred to us). Obviously, this can lead to issues with lead tracking and IP if someone fills in the same form multiple times for different leads/email addresses. Is there a way to get around this whilst still using HubSpot forms? Surely Hubspot has other customers with similar use cases who work with partners?


Also, is there a way of collecting two email addresses on the form and have them assigned to two different contacts (for example Partner sales rep email & lead email)?


I guess we're looking for something a bit like partner deal registration in a CRM, but for new leads instead of deals.

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Hi @TommyB93 

You can import an sheet with contacts to be created in HubSpot. Can create much contacts in each import.


About the second e-mail, e-mail is unique, cannot be repeated. It's like the contact's "document", then each contact need one unique e-mail.


The others emails informations that are importants to your sales team or other action, how you say "Partner sales rep email", you can create an new property, and populate how aditional information for your team, but not a e-mail of contact to send e-mails os other actions.


Hope this helps!


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Unfortunately this is not a practice that is recommended or planned with Hubspot or any marketing automation solution.  The reason for this are laws like GDPR and CCPA.  When you submit a form you are giving consent for emails and consent from a third party is not allowed to be emailed under either law.


If the partner wants to use an external facing Hubspot form, then they would have to use incognito mode in their browser to enter the form because of cookie tracking, or there is an option on the form settings to always create a new contact on form submission if the email field is unmatched. To be safe on the email front, I would trigger an email workflow at that point to have users opt into any emails they want to receive.


Alternatively, you could grant the partner(s) access into your Hubspot portal and they can create new contacts manually in the system.


As far as a secondary email field for the partner, this is absolutely something you can do and we use it on our end for the reps email address (partner aside).  Just make a custom text field property and save an email address in there. You won't be able to email to that as it is not being saved for that reason, but you can trigger internal emails in workflows based on that field.