Using Your Website To "Capture" More Leads

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Using Your Website To "Capture" More Leads


Nobody wants to be captured, am I right? It sounds aggressive and sinister at best……. Not a great day out.


Good lead generation is based on a value exchange. In return for a valuable offer, visitors share their contact information with your company. Visitors to your website are looking for value so don’t be afraid to give it  to them! Understanding the value that your prospects and contacts are looking for from your company is imperative and this can vary based on persona and their stage in the buying journey amongst other factors. What problem are you solving?


With all of the resources that go into driving traffic to your site and landing pages, it’s crucial that you give your company the best possible chance to position or provide value and yes, “capture” those leads. Otherwise all of your efforts are somewhat in vain….or wasteful.




1. Provide Clear Conversion Paths on Specific Pages: Typically a conversion path will involve a visitor clicking on your CTA (call to action), arriving on a landing page with a form, submitting the form, redirecting to a thank you page and receiving a confirmation email. What is the action you would like the visitor to take on this specific page? Match this with your value proposition.


  • CTA’s: As always, your CTA wants to convey the value your company can offer e.g. “Free Trial” or “Schedule a Free Consultation.” Consider using colours already used on your site but make sure it stands out and is noticed! Your CTA should be more of a Fredie Mercury than a Roger Taylor. It should command your attention. Consider using a primary and secondary CTA but don’t position anymore than two as your page can become too busy. Simplify the experience for your visitor.


  • Landing Pages: In this instance, the sole job of the landing page is to facilitate the transaction, that is the exchange of their contact information for the value/ offer you are providing. With this in mind, it’s important to keep it simple, don’t distract  visitors from the task at hand. Ensure the form is above the fold, convey value in the headline, remove the navigation/ menu bar, include an image that portrays the offer and don’t be greedy. By this I mean, only ask for required information. Put yourself in the visitors shoes, if it’s a long form, they’re more likely to leave without submitting (we’ve all been there). Top tips for form design

  • Thank You Pages: Often overlooked in importance, your thank you page gives your visitor access to their part of the bargain ie “download here” or a confirmation note so they know where they are in the process. It also offers your company the opportunity to position another CTA eg “Subscribe to Our Blog” and you can position social sharing links. Best practices here. Similarly your confirmation email can be used in this way.

2. Personalise The Visitor Experience: Learn how personalised CTA’s perform 202% better than basic CTA’s here. With HubSpot, smart content  (or dynamic content) can be leveraged to personalise the copy, CTA or form your visitor is served depending on a number of factors including referral source (where has the site visitor arrived at your site from). 

3. Implement Live Chat or a Chatbot: Perhaps your customer is looking to speak with somebody instantly or to have a question answered. Depending on your business model, either live chat or chatbots can facilitate this. Learn how HubSpot Increased qualified leads by 182% by using both humans and chatbots.


4. Use Pop Up Forms: Love them or hate them, research conducted by Sumo shows the top performing 10% of pop-up forms convert at an impressive 9.3%. Ensure the offer is relevant and timely and as always, is of value. If you find the pop up forms invasive as a whole screen takeover consider having a more subtle form slide in from a corner. They can be a huge help in converting visitors to leads. Top tips here


5. Analyse, Test & Iterate Continuosly: Monitor your Session To Contact Rate (STCR) in the Traffic Analytics Tool . As a benchmark, aim for a minimum of 1.5%. What would an increase for 1% mean for your business?  Where is the majority of the traffic to your site coming from? Can you leverage smart CTA’s based on referral sources? As the contact’s lifecycle changes, serve a more relevant CTA.


Use A/B testing or adaptive testing to see which pages, CTA’s and forms perform better and serve the best performing versions. It’s through these marginal gains that you can enjoy success. 


Do you have any other ideas around leveraging HubSpot to turn visitors into leads?

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