Using UTM hidden fields in HS forms


HS Community, need some best practices around UTM parameters and 3rd party tools --


Context: Client is using 6Sense for ABM [it does not have a native integration with HS currently] and we are trying to track targeted ad engagement on 6Sense in HS.  We've set up a reg form w/ hidden fields that capture UTM parameters [campaign, source, medium, content, term] and set up a tracking URL in HS and applied it to the ads launched in 6Sense platform. 

Question: Do we need the tracking URL applied to the 6Sense ads if we have the hidden UTM parameters in the form?  Will HS be able to populate the UTM parameters on the form if someone clicks through the ad to the HS LP and fills out the HS form?  OR, do we need the UTM tracking URL in 6Sense in order for HS to "read" and populte the UTM parameters into the hidden form fields?


Thanks for taking the time to help!

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Hey @MVirtanen,


In my experience, HubSpot has always done a pretty solid job with passing the UTMs from the URL query into the hidden fields.  Are you able to test 6sense to see if these pass to the URL? 

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