Users opted out if not actively opting in (forms)

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We have a form for newsletter subscribers  in which they can sign up for two different newsletters.


The form is built in HubSpot and embedded in a HubSpot landing page. 


They sign up for the newsletters using check boxes and are then added to the appropriate newsletter list. 


The issue is that if a contact is already subscribed to one of the newsletters and then visit the landingpage and only sign up for one newsletter (maybe because they know they are already signed up for the other newsletter) they are removed and marked as 'No' to the newsletter they didn't sign up for - even though they didn't actively say no, but just didn't check off the box. 


Any ideas on how to solve this?

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I would just setup a workflow on the backend.  Since you are only looking at 2 fields to see whether they are opting in, setup a workflow with an if/then branch to subscribe them if they go down this path. Unfortunately with limitations in Hubspot, you will have to build the second branch out twice because you cannot reconnect branches.


So lead comes in, if newsletter A = Yes --> Subscribe to A --> If Newsletter B = Yes --> Subscribe to Newsletter B.


Alternatively, if Newsletter A = No --> If Newsletter B = Yes --> Subscribe to Newsletter B.


There is an open thread on these forums about having the ability to rejoin branches after an if/then, but until then you will have to build that Newsletter B branch twice.  Hope this helps.