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Transferring Drift conversation transcript to deal

I have Drift connected to Hubspot and the conversation transcript appears in the contact's timeline once the conversation is closed.


I would like to grab this information and use it within a deal when the CQL has been tagged from Drift. I'm creating deals and assigning them to a sales group


What I can't see which object, if any, the conversation transcript is stored into or whether I can actually get access to this information once it's been added to a timeline.


Does anyone know where this is stored and whether it's available as an accessible object?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Transferring Drift conversation transcript to deal

Hello @jdtingay 


I would like to share this resource here about Drift + HubSpot integration. Have you reached out directly to Drift support? They will also be able to provide more information about how they are sending this data to HubSpot.


I hope this information helps.




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