Tracking Wordpress Buttons on Contact Record


Hey there Hubspot fam 😊


To brief you, we're having trouble with consistent formatting of Hubspot CTA buttons across devices on our WordPress-powered site. On some mobile phones, the buttons are not evenly spaced and we haven't been able to find a solution.


So we've decided to move back to using WordPress buttons, but I need help with figuring out how to track the button clicks in the contact record?


We host live webinars and send the viewers to a "lobby" of sorts that requires no log-in, where these buttons live.


Do we create a Hubspot tracking URL? Do we create a Behavioral Event?

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Community Manager

Hi @DLeBlanc


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

Using Events is a great way to track specific activities completed by visitors on your site. Tracked events can show up in contacts' timelines.

You can find detailed documentation about Custom Behavioral Events here. 


I also wanted to tag a couple of other marketing experts to get their opinion on this matter: @trevorjones71@ElyshaShave@Huble_Connor what would you recommend? Thank you! 




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