Too many forms, but don't want to lose reporting capabilities

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Got a bit of a complicated scenario here --

  • Using a separate HubSpot form for each offer (ebooks, webinars, contact foms, etc.)
  • Using WordPress landing pages (w/ embedded HubSpot forms)

Why are you using separate forms for each offer, you ask??

  • Each form has hidden fields for "Lead Source" and "Lead Source Detail". This data maps to Salesforce and helps us analyze our offers driving net new leads. (Ex: Lead Source = Ebook, Lead Source Detail = "How to Cook a Full Alligator in 7 Minutes") Since we don't use HubSpot landing pages, forms seem to be the only way to identify which offer the contact converted on.
  • We also use forms to associate the contact to a Salesforce campaign so we can track the offer's influence throughout the funnel, including Opportunity creation and closing, and customer retention.

HOWEVER, managing and updating so many forms is a pain, as you can imagine. 

Any ideas on workarounds for capturing offer engagement activity with a consolidated form strategy? Need to stick with WordPress landing pages...

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Note: HubSpot is a constantly evolving platform. Please check the date of each post and view all solutions in that context -- see Marketing Hub Enterprise 2020.


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