Submissions are always shown as 0 for my non-HubSpot form - what might be the reason?

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Hey all,

I am trying to integrate with a WPForms form in Wordpress using the "leadin" plugin.

All data is passed - and this is great. But in the forms analytics it always shows zero submissions. 

Like this

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 11.41.58 PM.png

Even though there are 3 submissions actually saved in HubSpot. And when I click on this "0" in the Submissions column, I see them.

Did I miss any settings?

Or is it actually a bug? If yes, how can I report it provided that I am on a free plan with this account?
Thanks in advance for you help!

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Sounds like something is missing from the repost, most likely the Form GUID. Are you using AJAX for the repost or another method? I've included the link to the documentation, but from experience this will likely take some troubleshooting from a technical perspective some of which we may be able to see if you have a link you can share, but it's very possible what needs to be troubleshooted may not be visible in the code in which case, I would recommend opening a support ticket with WPForms first, and then Hubspot second as you will likey need an answer from both if there is not a known solution in the WPForms knowledgebase.