Styling a Thank You Message in WordPress in an Embedded Form

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I can center the Thank You Message from the Form > Options tab, but I don't have other style controls for that message like I do in the Style & Preview tab where I can set the font family, color, and font size for the form labels and buttons. How do we style the inline Thank You Message text that appears after submission? 

Note, that because it's an embedded form on a WordPress page, there's lots of other content on the page that I'd prefer to keep without sending to a different page. I suppose I could create a duplicate page with just a thank you message instead of the form, but that seems overkill to load a new page in this instance. What would be nice is an easy way to style that Thank You Message like I can the rest of the Embedded Form elements. 

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Hi @CWBourque,


Do you have a link to the page we can look at? What troubleshooting have you tried thus far? 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide the better the Community can assist.


Thank you,


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