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Squarespace Code Injection {With Meta Pixel}

We have a Squarespace website. 


I successfully have injected a Meta (Facebook) Pixel into the header. 


I would also like to apply the Hubspot Tracking Code so that our non-Hubspot Forms will create new contacts in Hubspot. 


I've followed the instructions in the articles related to injecting the Tracking Code into Squarespace sites, but nothing is touching on this specific issue. With the code injected after the FB pixel, it's not firing. 

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Guide | Platinum Partner
Guide | Platinum Partner

Squarespace Code Injection {With Meta Pixel}

@Lross6 Have you tested removing the FB pixel to check if the HubSpot tracking code definitely fires when it is not there? The two scripts should not have any conflict. 

If you would like to send a link to your site here, I would be happy to take a look also.




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