Send a form to an existing contact


I have already captured the First name, last name and email address of a customer and they are already in my contacts. Now, for me to be able to create a deal, I usually send a order form which contains additional information such as shipping address, specifications, etc. I am trying to utilize the form but I do not want them to fill up name and email again. 

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Hi @artisanmom 


The answer depends on which forms you are using.


If you are using native HubSpot forms, there is a setting (on by defualt) to prepopulate form fields with known information. 


If you are using non-native forms, I don't think you can replicate this. 


Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies

I am using the native hubspot form (I created it from Marketing > Forms). I cant seem to find the setting. Can you please elaborate?


Eg,  how do I send a form to a specific customer and have the email, first and last name prefilled. More importantly the email and ideally the email is read only as changing the email means creating a new customer record.


Currently we dont have a website, we just send the form URL to our customers via facebook chat