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Riddling the Logical Connections of HubSpot offerings



Riddling the Logical Connections of HubSpot offerings

  • I speak in many tongues, but have no voice of my own.
  • I ask questions, but never learn a thing that's known.
  • I change my face for each who comes, a shapeshifter so sly.
  • The more you tell me, the better I become, no need to lie.

What am I?

  • A HubSpot form with cslogic!

Real-World Example:

Q: I run a bakery that offers custom cakes and cupcakes. How can I use conditional logic to streamline my order form?

A: Great question! Here's how:

  1. Question 1: What are you celebrating? (Dropdown menu)
    • Option 1: Birthday
    • Option 2: Wedding
    • Option 3: Graduation
    • Option 4: Other
  2. Question 2 (Hidden by default): What number of tiers would you like for your cake? (Shown only if Birthday, Wedding, or Graduation is selected in Q1)
  3. Question 3 (Hidden by default): How many cupcakes would you like to include? (Shown only if Birthday or Graduation is selected in Q1)
  4. Question 4 (Hidden by default): Please describe your desired design theme. (Shown only if "Other" is selected in Q1)

This way, users form styles itself to the specific use case, making it easier for customers to order and reducing irrelevant questions.

Entirely, the process shown here with the contact form utilizes logic similar to conditional formatting to create a user creation form. This form can be used to collect user information and create new contacts for ordering purposes.

In the same way it can be used more effective in many key areas like, Lead Nurturing, Personalized Website Content, Event Registration Forms, Qualification Forms, Support Ticket Routing, Feedback Forms and experience the added excitement of seamless integration with HubSpot!

Efficiency Essentials

Beyond the Riddles, Real-World Magic with Conditional Logic

The riddles showed the hidden connections within HubSpot's offerings. But the true magic lies in how these features come alive with conditional logic. Imagine a form that transforms itself based on your answers, a website that personalizes content based on visitor behavior, or email campaigns that adapt to specific customer needs.

Here's how conditional logic breathes life into those connections:

  • With an offering of Personalized Forms and Imagine a form for a yoga studio. Based on whether someone selects "beginner" or "advanced" in a dropdown, the form could display follow-up questions about preferred class styles or injuries. This streamlines the process and provides a more relevant experience.
  • Dynamic Lead Nurturing with the help of Conditional logic can power email marketing automation. After someone downloads an ebook on "content marketing," they might receive a sequence of emails with tips on using HubSpot's CMS for content creation. This targeted approach increases engagement and conversion rates.
  • Smart Content Delivery as well with the Conditional logic can personalize website content. For visitors from a specific company, the website might display a case study highlighting a similar business challenge. This tailored approach grabs attention and speaks directly to their needs.
  • Conditional logic isn't just about connecting features; it's about unlocking a new level of user experience and marketing effectiveness. By utilizing this power within HubSpot, you can create a dynamic and intelligent marketing engine that advances deeper customer connections and drives real results.

Take the First Step:

Ready to unlock the magic of conditional logic?

Increase conversions with smarter forms, Boost customer engagement with personalized content, Explore HubSpot's form features and see how you can shape smarter forms that convert!

Use case experience from HubSpot:

Field Type Creation for the use case:





Conditions applied:



To meet various needs, four custom logic components were created and incorporated into the Conditional Property Logic system, expanding its capabilities and flexibility.



From the frontend while review, what users will see:







From the backend while preview logic:




 Finally the contact form



Best Regards!!

Humashankar VJ
HubSpot Community Champion and enthusiast | Engineering Manager
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Community Manager

Riddling the Logical Connections of HubSpot offerings

Hi @Humashankar, thank you so much for sharing with the Community these helpful examples of conditional logic forms!

Hi @danmoyle@ArtyCele@Jnix284@jonchim@Crystal_Hopper@louischausse@Shadab_Khan@tverdokhlib1@Phil_Vallender and @Jake_Lett this might be of interest to you and/or your customers!

Have a great day!


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