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Pre-saved CTAs always show up blurry

When pull in a saved CTA button in emails, it shows up blurry/low quality. But if I use the drag/drop editor and pull in a button and create it from scratch for every email, it's crisp. Seen below, top CTA is one I made/saved, bottom is one I created from scratch:

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 12.49.05 PM.png

Anyone else had this issue? I end up creating a new CTA for every email because I don't want the button to be fuzzy, but then I can't track the CTA's the way I'd like since I'm reinventing the wheel every email.

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Pre-saved CTAs always show up blurry

Still expereincing this issue as well, is there any update? Using the button module within the email renders in better quality compared to the image in CTA module.


Pre-saved CTAs always show up blurry

Has any progress been made on "Our teams have an on-going project to improve CTA quality and appearance" still get the same issue in 2024. 


Pre-saved CTAs always show up blurry

HubSpot - any updates on using custom buttons and addressing the blurry images? 

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Community Manager

Pre-saved CTAs always show up blurry

Hi @Cecelia6668 ,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. 

Typically the issue here is how HubSpot renders the styling of the CTAs in email. The current behavior is that the system takes a screenshot of the CTA and includes a lower-quality image in the email to ensure the CTA renders the same across various email clients. This process was put into place due to a limitation on rendering options for standard HTML in email clients: a lot of HTML isn't supported so the only way we can be sure it'll look correct is by turning it into an image.


Our teams have an on-going project to improve CTA quality and appearance, but the best way to ensure the CTAs retain your desired styling and remain high quality at this time is to use Image CTAs/Buttons instead of Custom Buttons. You can find the details about creating image CTAs in this Knowledge base article

It is recommended to resize the image within Illustrator or Canva so it has the exact dimensions you want.


I hope this helps!




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