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Pop up form not displaying on wordpress page

Hi Community


We have installed the Hubspot All-in-one Plugin on WordPress, however we found the hubspot pop-up form doesn't display on the WordPress page.
This is a challenge because we could confirm we have done the following:
1. The Hubspot plug-in is working well
2. The form display targeting is correct
3.  There is no add-on that will conflict with the pop-up form to display on the footer.
4. The pop-up form only displays on wordpress-users version, but when you open the page on either an incognito or non-wordpress-uers version, it won't display
5. Only a few pages will display the form successfully, but will come with additional slugs on the url. Example here: https://www.comtrac.com.au/articles/?post_id=1740&form_id=a83c267&cat=23
What we would like to achieve is to display the form on the homepage: 
Not sure why but maybe it is a HubSpot integration issue?
Thanks millions if you can help me out
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Pop up form not displaying on wordpress page

Hi @YGong6,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community, and thank you for flagging this issue!


I've seen that the Support specialist you're working with has partnered with our product experts to get to the bottom of this.  I recommend continuing working with our support, as they have the most insight into your account's settings & processes.


Thank you for your understanding & patience! 




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