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Pop-up form not appearing

I've created a pop-up form to appear on a webpage. It doesn't appear despite everything in the back end being ok. I've tried changing the settings but still nothing. What can e the problem/solution to this?

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Pop-up form not appearing

Hi @ONightingale,

There can be a few things impacting this and to most effectively troubleshoot, I'd need to be able to see the page that this pop-up should be appearing on and the pop-up settings in HubSpot. That said, I've surfaced the most common reasons why this can occur. 

I'm guessing this pop-up should be appearing on a non-HubSpot page. Typically these issues don't surface as often on HubSpot-hosted pages (those created in HubSpot). 

Reasons the Pop-isn't appearing:

  • If Non-HubSpot page, the HubSpot Tracking Code Isn't Present on the Page
  • You've actually fixed the issue but caching is blocking the pop-up from appearing to the user who is trying to check for it. Please ensure to test view your page in an incognito window. This can also happen if the user trying to test has previously dismissed the pop-up. 
  • Another element on the page is blocking the pop-up from appearing. For example, if you're using JS to put elements in the lower right-hand corner or other spaces on the page, the Pop-up can end up being blocked because it's placing "behind" a different element on the page.  
    • Please note, even if the pop-up should appear in the center of the page, it can still be blocked by this reason. 

This HubSpot article contains detailed explanations for the above reasons and suggestions to resolve. 
This Community Post contains a well-described response by Alex with links and resources.

I hope this helps!