Pop-up Leadflow Form Not Updating on Site


We have a drop down header pop-up and a corner pop-up lead flow form set-up in hubspot with a coupon code. We started this in the summer so the code was "summer10" the forms have since been updated and published with the new "fall10" coupon code. However, the website is still showing the "summer10" code. How do I fix this? I've edited the content, saved, and published but it doesn't seem to change.  Please help!

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Hi @GardenGoods,


Hard to say without knowing your CMS/Host, but the first thing I would do in WordPress is clear the cache in my caching plugin.  Have you tried that?  I would also make sure that I cleared my browser's cache.


If those don't work I would recommend building a new lead flow and removing the old one.  That should reduce the chance that any of the old code is left in place.




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