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Personalization tokens in scheduler calendar event descriptions

My reps are using the meeting scheduler links for booking meet-ups at events. Only their intital "meeting booked" emails have all the necessary info in them. The calendar event that is created includes only a few options for personalization tokens.  I can't even add the contact phone number or all of the fields the contact filled in in the scheduler into the meeting event description. My reps must look up the contact in order to get their phone number, which is especially ridiculous if they are walking around on a tradeshow floor! It should all just be there in the calendar event but I can only add the contact name, email and company! Is there some work around for this issue? 

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Personalization tokens in scheduler calendar event descriptions

I submitted an idea for those that come across this with the same need:

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Personalization tokens in scheduler calendar event descriptions

Hey @rjonesSolaria, thanks for sharing this!


Keep in mind that the meeting invite is externally-facing — whatever appears there for internal use will also be visible to the contact that scheduled the meeting. I don't think that there's a totally automated solution for this right now (though it would be awesome if HubSpot would at least link to the contact record within the invite), but here are two potential workarounds:


1. The rep manually copies over contact info as soon as the meeting is booked. Like you said, the initial "meeting booked" info will contain the needed contact info. The calendar event will also appear almost immediately. The rep could copy the info from the meeting confirmation email, find the event on their calendar, and paste it over then. You can also add the contact name/email/company to make it clear which contact corresponds to which meeting. This solution is a bit tedious, but it would prevent the rep from needing to look up info on the fly right before the meeting.


2. You create a custom dashboard in HubSpot. Other HubSpot users have had similar use cases (here's a thread on getting an "upcoming meetings" dashboard). A potential workaround there is creating an activity report where you can set the "Activity Type" property to "Meeting" and layer in the "Acitvity Assigned to" propety for specific users. That should give you a feed of upcoming meetings within the set timeframe.


I'm not sure if your reps are currently using the HubSpot mobile app, but it has come a long way. I have plenty of clients who use it on-the-go and on the show floor and have had good experiences. When you're searching for contacts, use their email address since that's the unique identifier (only one contact can exist for each email address, whereas multiple contacts can have the same name).


Once your reps get in the swing of things, you should be good to go!


I also encourage you to post this request in the HubSpot Ideas forum. You're not the only HubSpot user who's interested in this feature, so it would definitely be worth sharing to see if HubSpot is able to make it happen!


Hope this helps!!

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Personalization tokens in scheduler calendar event descriptions

Thanks, I appreciate your thoughtful reply. Unfortunately, it isn't the solution for our paticular case.


I know the invite is externally facing, I think it would be helpful to both my rep and the contact to see the data from the scheduler form in the calendar event in any instance. We include a custom field on all schedulers for the contact to express the reason for the meeting and that would be the second item that would be REALLY helpful in the description of the calendar event. I can't imagine the contact would care that their own contact info is in the event description. At the very least, a link to their contact record would be helpful.


Manually copying and pasting is out of the question, that's literally why the personalization token exist. 


My reps only casually use their Hubspot accounts, they mainly use Salesforce for actual contact management, Hubspot, in our case, is used mainly for marketing, the automation, notification for contact activity, and features like the scheduler pages. They're not going to use the HS app or a dashboard regularly.


I guess my only option is to submit a feature idea.