Opt-out contacts filling forms


When a contact is opted out and attempts to fill a form they are presented with a notification that they are currently opted out, and asks them to click the link to opt back in.


That's all fine and well, but they are still permitted to submit the form. 


IF they do so (which most do), they never receive a confirmation email (as they are opted out).


I get dozens of emails each week from angry contacts who submitted a form and never got the confirmation. 


I'd like the form completion to trigger an opt in status.


If that is not something Hubspot wants to do, I'd like the contact to be unable to submit the form until he/she opts back in.


Allowing these contacts to complete the form submission without opting back in only leads to confused and angry contacts who don't get confirmations. It's bad business.

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I agree - that there needs to be a better re-opt-in mechanism than what happens today. Even talking people through the process, they've still struggled to get it to work for them to opt back in to receive email.


4 suggestions to improve this situation: 

1) Include the opt-in message at the submit button level (like part of your new validation process you have in beta)

2) Include a check-box by the submit button if the contact is opted-out from email, that makes the user acknowledge that they are opted-out and won't receive any confirmation or email until they opt back in

3) To Jason's point, add an option to forms to not allow opt-ed out contacts to submit a form. "I'm sorry, before completeing this form you must first opt-in again to receiving emails. Click here to send yourself a reconfirmation email and click the confirmation link in your email"

4) In the case of, in-line thank you messages, auto-include a message that no confirmation emails can be sent until the prospect is opted-back in to receive email

HubSpot Employee

Hey @jstarek @spanishgringo have you enabled resubscription emails in your portal? How do I enable resubscription emails for forms and lead flows?


Of course...that's not my issue. the issue is that they can subit the form BEFORE they opt back in (if they do so at all). This means they will not recieve a confirmation email for the event to which they just registered. 


A form submission should be an automatic opt-in. And if not, they shouldn't be allowed to fill a form unless they have already opted in. If anything, the link should send them directly to the subscriptions settings page, not generate a "re-opt in" email...that they may or ma not even read/interact with. 


I am having the same issue with people who would like to opt back in. They submit the form and don't get the resubscribe email. Frustrating and it does not make for a great customer experience.