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Only track first form submission per user

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I'd like the ability to only track the first form submission for a user, even if they use an associated email.


On our website, visistors can signup for a free trial using via a hubspot form. It's quite common for visitors to repeatedly signup for the trial to avoid upgrading to a paid plan. The repeat trial signups from these visitors superficially inflates our lead reporting.

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Hi. There's a couple of options that you have here that can help you either limit the ability for the user to complete the form multiple times or to remove them from the report. First, you'd want to ensure that you have a smart list that you add the person to when they complete the form. Then, you could use smart content so that if they are a member of the list, then they do not see the form or if they go to a landing page a message is given to say 'Sorry, but you've already signed up for the demo.' If that's not an option for you, then you could use a workflow with an if/then branch so if they are on the list, you have an internal notification that they have completed the form twice. (Depending upon what happens now when they fill out the form, you could exclude them from any first time automation) If you are using custom reports in HubSpot, you could also filter out those that have filled out the form more than once. Hope that helps

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