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Hi everyone,

We have our form embedded in the website and we want to have a confirmation email when the user follows the form.

So I've setup an email in the follow-up email section of the form, but right now I only get a response email if I'm subscribed to a subscription type. However this is not a form to subscribe to the user but just a form to request a call.


Is it possible to send a follow-up email without subscribing to a subscription?

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Hi @Floris_Vidda

Thanks for reaching out! 

Not sure what your end goal is here, but there are a couple of different scenarios: 



  1. If your end goal is to have a follow-up email right after form submission, make sure you follow these instructions: Send follow-up emails after form submissions. Please note, (it's written in the article)  if you've enabled your GDPR settings, ensure that the selected subscription type is the same as the subscription type set in your form's GDPR section. If a visitor consents to the subscription type in the form submission, they will be able to receive the follow-up emails. 
  2. If your end goal is to set up double opt-in, make sure you follow these instructions: Set up double opt-in for emails. Please note, any contact that you create manually will not automatically receive a double opt-in email. You'll need to send an opt-in email to the contact manually via the contact record.


Let me know if this helps,