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How do I create and use one form for all my campaign landing pages? What I am doing now is cloning the same form and renaming it. Now I have too many forms that are all requesting the same info but are tied to different campaigns. Is there a way to use the same form (we can call it landing page form) on multiple pages but pass information on that identifies what campaign/landing page this form came from?

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Hi @Cardtronics ,


Is better you clone to make 1 form for each LP, because if you in future need insert one option for form in only 1 LP, you will can. 

And with unique forms (1 for each LP) you have more options to make workflows, reports, lists and others actions.


One example is:

If you have 2 landing pages, when the first LP is for you sell your Product A and the second LP is for sell the Product B. WIth different forms, you can configure hidden fiels to define values in properties, how "Interested in the product". This new property with auto value in forms, can bring options for marketing actions. Is only one example, but i think you have many reasons to use a unique form for each LP.


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