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Offline Sources from Contacts

Dear Community,I have the same issues with the source value of the Contacts that I receive via my website with form submission (wpcf7-form). Some of the Contacts have Offline Sources from API and some of them are marked as it was created from Organic Search from Unknown keywords...
I have checked the Tutorial information at your Help page

And there I found out that when the visitor fills in a third party form on a Wordpress page with the HubSpot tracking code or the HubSpot Wordpress plugin, such option can be showed (Offline sources*)
But some of the contacts that were created in my CRM account, as I wrote, have correct source value (Referral, Organic, Paid Social), and some of them have Offline Sources. So, why in some cases my analytics work and in some cases it doesn't?
Thank you

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Offline Sources from Contacts

Hi @VladislavHolub


Thank you for reaching out to us! I would like to tag in our champions in on this @Josh , @Mike_Eastwood , and @tjoyce . 




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