Non hubspot form conversion- Not understanding


I currently do not understand how the conversion works. 


I understand it allows me more flexibility etc,  however, if I convert the form, does the converted form then still collect the submissions from the non-HubSpot form, or do I have to then implement this new form in its place? 


The actual functionality is where I am getting confused, If it still takes data from the nonHubSpott form on my website ie gravity form, but now that data is collected and pushed the the converted version then thats awesome but if not  and I have to embedd the new form  then I need to know this as its not explained. 


Any explanation would be great


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Community Manager

Hi @markman,


For a full explanation of how converting non hubspot forms to hubspot forms works, I wanted to share this product announcement and this article.


The conversion process will create a copy of the form that you can then add to your website. This will give you access to more in depth analytics, as well as will ensure that the form is compatible with HubSpot. 


If you have specific questions, please let me know.



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