Non Hubspot form, leads not getting captured


Hi Team,


I am using Non Hubspot form, added tracking code in website leads not getting captured.

I ask the support team and they have checked everything on my account and cannot see what the issue is. 


So asking what can be the issue i am not able to get leads in hubspot portal using non-hubspot form. 


Help will be appreciated.

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Hi @JRodrigues5


Some common reasons why HubSpot would not be able to capture submissions on Non-Hubspot forms are:

  • Form is not enclosed in <form> tags.
  • Form is contained inside <iframe> tags.
  • Form has JavaScript bound to the form submit event or submit button click event. This is how the tool captures submissions and any other events, and can prevent HubSpot from knowing when submissions occur.
  • Form was introduced after the page completed loading. The tool scans the page as soon as it loads and listens to submissions on forms that were present at that point.
  • Form is on a single-page app. In most single-page apps, the HTML is not loaded when navigating to another page. As a result, HubSpot cannot capture these form submissions. 
  • Form contains a sensitive field, such as credit card number.
  • Form contains hidden fields. The tool does not collect information from any hidden fields.
  • The email field is not an email type input, as in: <input type="email">.
  • Form is not using a standard <input type="submit"> button for its form submission. The form must have a standard <input type="submit"> button to capture submissions.

Please check if all of the above are marked correct. Also, please make sure that "Collect data from website form" toggle is on. You can check this here Settings > Marketing > Forms > Non HubSpot Forms.


Alternatively, you can consider working with a developer to connect your non-HubSpot forms directly using HubSpot's Submit data to a form API or an existing form integration.


I hope that helps, but I'm open to talk through this further with you! If you think my answer is a possible solution to your query, please mark it as a Solution.



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