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Non-HubSpot forms and Imported contacts


Currently we are using Dynamics as our CRM and NOPcommerce as our ecommerce CMS (it's an open source ecommerce platform). We are currently syncing new contacts that come in from our website from our CRM to HS using an integration. Our registration form has to be a non-hubspot form because of it's connection to NOP. We are having an issue where two CRM records are merging into one HS record, because they went throught the registration process on the same computer. So we had to turn off collecting data from non-hs forms. 

If we turn off collecting data from non-hubspot forms will the synced contacts from CRM ever connect itself to the accepted cookie and will their site activity show on their record without a HS form submission?

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Community Manager

Non-HubSpot forms and Imported contacts

Hey @Lguerra 


Apologize for the delayed answer-


I was investigating about this and the only two way to actually avoid this is:


(1) Use HubSpot forms (you will have the option to disable the cookie in the tool ) or

(2) Use the Forms API


If you are using the Forms API, you will need to remove the cookie is causing this issue for you. I'd like to share with you this Community thread where our colleague Isaac is advising how to do this. 


I'd suggest reviewing this with your developer. 


I hope this helps




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