No automated emails with form data possible

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Dear fellow community, 


You know this: You send as a user a request via e.g. a website form and receive for information an automated e-mail with the filled data. This is a common process that we all know and that builds trust - but unfortunately this is not a standard in Hubspot!! I really can not believe it. :-) Many of our users ask us why this is not possible.


So, do you have any tricks? 

Having to create a workflow for every form is not a good solution in my opinion.


I ask the Hubspot developers to quickly implement this feature.

Do you agree with me?




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Hi @Sunflowervienna ,


The automated follow-up email could be a solution for this issue I think. When you're creating a form, you can add a follow-up to it directly:


Community - Form follow up.png


In this follow-up email, you could include the properties that the contact just submitted in your form. So no need to contact the developers, I think your solution is already here.


Hope this solution is the one you're looking for!





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Hi Nynke, 

thank you for your feedback. But how can I fill in the submitted properties there? I have only this field for follow-up emails:


email field.jpg

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Hi @Sunflowervienna ,


The options in these emails are limited, I agree. You could use this one to describe the information filled out by the lead and to confirm the submission. 


In regular Follow-up emails you have more options. If you are using the Marketing Hub email tool, I would recommend to create a regular follow-up email based on the form you use. Add personalisation tokens in your email body to describe the submitted info.


Hope this helps!

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One option is to create an automated email and build a workflow that sends the confirmation after user has submitted the form. This way you're able to create personalised email with tokens and even use your email template to make it look more appealing.


A bit more work and a separate workflow sounds a bit much but with the workflow, you're able to set manage contact subscriptions etc. things to segment the users who submit the form.