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Missing Drift Integration Features

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Hi! We use both Drift and Hubspot, and unfortunately, they don't seamlessly integrate. When a lead books a demo on Drift, there isn't a way for that to be tagged in Hubspot, nor their lead source via utm parameters, nor for the contact to be assigned to the correct contact owner (based on whom they booked a meeting with a Drift). 

This creates multiple hours of work for me and my team to transfer the contact over to Hubspot with the appropriate properties. Please look into creating a better integration or some workarounds for this. Emoticono feliz

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Hey @kloedesrosiers, looks like the 2016 HubSpot-Drift Integration is built and supported by Drift.

- see [HubSpot Connect] - Drift Integration (2016-Jun-13)


Have you considered maybe using the HubSpot Meetings tool to book demos? Just curious to see a solution for what sounds like a real disconnect.


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