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Mandatory Pop-up form

Is it possible to make a pop-up form mandatory before someone can view content? 

Here is our situation: We created a landing page where we would like the viewer to only be able to view the content of the page if they submit the form. We've had a lot of people just X the form out to be able to view the content without us capturing the lead. Is there a better way we could be doing this? 

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Mandatory Pop-up form

Hi @EHoward6! Instead of presenting the final landing page, then having a pop-up form appear on top which the viewer simply closes it... have a different landing page with an embedded form appear first. Then, when the viewer submits the form, they are redirected to the landing page that you'd like to keep hidden until you capture the lead.


1) So the intial landing page can look like this: 

Initial landing page.png














2) And the viewer has to submit a HubSpot form like this:

Gated form.png

















3) In the Options tab of your HubSpot form, click Redirect and choose the landing page you want them to land on:

Form redirect.png













4) Only after they submit the form are they redirected to the final landing page:

Final landing page.png

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