Lot of cta = slowing perf

I run a 2M views/month based on drupal. On each page, I add hubpost cta before every <H2>. And I also got 3 to 5 cta on the sidebar. So I can have up too 15 différents cta. It makes a lot of network call, and it is loading sonmany external calls (js, images, css), that seems to be quite the same. My site is very seo friendly, and HubSpot are really annoying regarding that point. Any idea to better implement my ctas ?</H2>
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Hi @Maxlec 


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It looks like you may be using your HubSpot in French, I just want to let you know there is a French Community where you can ask your questions. For this just click on the Language selector at the top left and then choose French as a language in your settings, click Save and you will access the French Community 🙂


Regarding your question, could you link one of those pages?  I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Bruno_Teixeira @Kevin-C @rikkilear do you have any thoughts for @Maxlec on this? 


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Hubspot CTAs will usually load slower than just a normal or static link because there's many tracking information behind being sent into Hubspot. You can maybe try to use a tracking link instead of a CTA. 

You can get more information on that here.

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The trafic link won't give me the opportunity to run A/B test on graphic assets or about copywriting. The pros of HS CTA is about designing independant conversion elements and be abble to manage them to make them more performing, so the analytics and tracking is a key for that. If the solution is to use utm tracking on a basic html snippet, i wonder why my 100k entreprise plan is that usefull (or expensive) 🙂

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Hey @Maxlec 


I agree with @Bruno_Teixeira !


What was the reason for using CTAs vs another option?


I ask because evaluating this from a Cost:Benefit perspective might be useful to determining your implementation.

To illustrate: those use cases, represented as tracking metric will be your benefit and the load speed per CTA represents the cost.