Live-Chat: Ask for name and email before Chat begins

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We've been using Purechat and migrating to Hubspot integrated chat. We would like to be able to ask the name and email address for the client to begin the chat is there a way to do this? I can't find where in the customisation?


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Hi @carococo


You can request visitors' email addresses by following the steps here.


Steps include: 

With the Email capture setting, visitors will be asked if they want to enter their email address while waiting for a reply from you. You can customize this prompt message:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Chatflows.
  • Hover over the chatflow you want to customize the email capture message for and click Edit
  • On the Build tab, click the Ask visitors for their email address dropdown menu and select one of the following options to determine when visitors will prompted for their email:
    • Immediately after first message is sent
    • If no team member responds after 1 minute
    • Do not ask for email address
  • In the Email capture message field, enter your message. 
  • Click Save


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This solution doesn't help. You can't ask them for their name before they start talking to you. So you never know who it is unless you ask.

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I just launched a new chatflow with the Request Email after 1 minute of no contact response.  It does not seem to work.  Also....1 minute is an eternity.  Is there a way to shorten this to 30 seconds?

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Hi @opendorz,

Please let us know if this issue is persisting when testing with multiple browsers and incognito windows. 


If you can share specific examples of where you are seeing this issue, that would be great (a screenshot showing the time the chat launched and what the status is a few minutes later would be great!).


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The issue is that the visitors ignore the bot questions and instead of entering their name, e-mail och phone number they just keep on going.



- Bot: Hi and welcome to our page

- Bot: May I start with your name

- Visitor: Hello I spoke to you today on the phone and wanted to reach out to you again.

- Bot: Okey "Hello I spoke to you today on the phone and wanted to reach out to you again." thank you for contacting us - may we please have your e-mail as well.

- Visitor: I just want to get some more ansers

- Bot: Sorry but the e-mail you gave us is invalid.

- Bot: Please give us your phone number
- Visitor: Leaves chat conversation.


This could easily be prevented by:

(Excuse the Swedish - I just want to give you a hint on what we are searching for)

1.pngPromt message

When you click the promt message this form appears before the chat can start.

This will force the visitor to enter the information before we can start chatting.


This will also give the posibility to personalize the messages further and also check through if its a current customer, lead or similar so that the chat flow can be adapted to each specifik visitor. But most of all - we will have the information we require to sell.


Se my painted example below: 


2.pngSelf made example


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Hubspot is clearly not interested or not able to provide this functionality.   There are various questions on forums with lots of people asking for the same thing, but Hubspot moderators just skirt the question and offer up their bots. 


Ok, bots are cool, but why don't they just answer the question directly and admit this is something they don't want or can't do?  Or incorporate their customer feedback into the product?

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I understand the frustration with Bots! They all work on a linear order of questions that customers do not seem to want to follow but the ability to chat without providing the initial email also encourages more chats to happen.


My advice is to NOT start with general questions on a chat. For example: What can I help you with?  < that's a big no!> A bot can not handle these ( atleast not in a way the users expect these questions to be handled) 
So I suggest that you start your bot by giving users some options to choose from and then lead the conversation from there. Don't have open-ended questions to start with. 

Thank you.




HubSpot Product Team

Hi! I am the product manager live chat, this is something we are activetly thinking through right now. We are thinking about it in a very similar way to some of the suggestions being made here. We are thinking it would be a form that can be gated before a conversation or if there is no one available, as well as a few more usecases we are working through.


This is on the roadmap so stay tuned!