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a couple of questions 


1. can LinkedIn form be integrated with Hubspot? 


if the answer is yes. 


Will it have the same result as filling a Hubspot form?

meaning if he already has a cookie on his device will it be matched? 

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Hi @EShumely,


Thank you for your question! 

You're able to integrate and create LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms directly in the HubSpot ads tool if you enable lead syncing for LinkedIn. After a successful sync, HubSpot will create corresponding versions of your lead ad forms - you can read more about field mapping for lead gen forms here . The synced forms won't be visible in your forms tool and - to your question - they also don't behave as a HubSpot form. Instead of cookies, HubSpot applies a tracking template / a URL parameter to each ad to be able to attribute contacts to specific ads. 

I hope this answers your question! 


Mia, Community Team



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@MiaSrebrnjak  Thank you for your answer. I will clarify my intent. 

HubSpot will assign a cookie to someone who interacts with our website correct?

if they didn't fill up a form or click on a link in an email we won't have this person's details. right? 


So I want to know if this person who fills up a form on LinkedIn will be recognized as the same person who interacts with our website in the past. based on your answer it seems like the answer is no