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Link a CTA to a HubSpot form popup on product pages

Hey HS Community,

We've been stuck on a particular workflow for a while and I'm hoping someone may have a suggestion.


We manage a large online B2B product catalog on Joomla + VirtueMart: 



There is a very useful button on each product page "Ask a Question About This Product". Lots of prospective clients use this CTA. Currently, this submission is sent to an email address and we have to manually enter the name, email + question into Hubspot. It's time-consuming.


1) we would like to reproduce this workflow: CTA > Popup form using a Hubspot form so that we can have the contact info directly in HS. But you can't link an HS CTA to a form, and you can't have a button trigger the HS form popup.


2) we can and are willing to dev + program if someone can suggest a reasonable workaround.  Also willing to copy the code on each product page if necessary.


The last requirement is that we MUST know what URL the client filled the form on...otherwise we don't know which product the question pertains to.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Link a CTA to a HubSpot form popup on product pages

Hello @TamaraJoy, thank you for all the information provided. I wanted to add some top experts to share their thoughts, @karstenkoehler@webdew any recommendations for the @TamaraJoy matter?



Thank you!


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