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We've integrated our own form into hubspot. Our conversion tracker on facebook is saying 132 people have landing on our thank you page. In my form I can only see 30+ . 


Website has been built on HTML -CSS of an apache server. 


Can any one help me find my missing data?

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I think we need a little more clarity into your reporting and setup as what you have sounds like there are a lot of different reporting pieces here.  From what I am reading you have:


Hubspot page --> Custom Form Code --> Facebook Form Tracking + Custom Form Tracking


So on your custom form code, are you getting the same count of responses that Facebook is reporting?  If so, then that is good news.  The second item, are you using the non-Hubspot forms feature?  If so, how is your custom code posting the data?  If you are using a repost via AJAX or an API, could you also just post to Hubspot via their API at the same time eliminating the need for the non-Hubspot forms feature?  Because your form sounds more advanced than most, what I am fearing is that your form is not sending back a success that Hubspot can read and you may find that using the API in this instance is more reliable to post to multiple sources.