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Issue with Viewing Uploaded CV URLs in Custom Property on Application Forms

Hello HubSpot Community,


I'm reaching out to seek assistance with a challenge I've encountered in our company's use of HubSpot for job applications. We have set up application forms on our website where candidates can apply for various positions and upload their CVs. To facilitate this, I created a custom property intended for CV attachments. However, I'm facing an issue where, after a CV is uploaded, the URL link to the CV is not visible or accessible in the property where it's supposed to be stored.


Here's a brief overview of the process I followed:


  1. Creation of Custom Property: I created a custom property specifically for CV uploads. This property is designed to accept file attachments.

  2. Integration into Application Form: The custom property was then integrated into our job application forms.

  3. Testing the Process: In testing, everything seemed to function correctly – the form allowed for CV uploads without any apparent issues.

  4. Post-Submission Issue: Post-submission, when I check the applicant's information in HubSpot, I am unable to find the URL link for the uploaded CV in the custom property.

I'm trying to understand what I might be missing or doing incorrectly. Here are a few specific questions:


  • Is there a specific setting or step required to ensure that the URL of the uploaded file is visible in the custom property?
  • Are there any known issues or limitations with file attachments in custom properties that I should be aware of?

Any insights, suggestions, or guidance from the community would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has experience in setting up a similar system in HubSpot, your advice would be invaluable.


Thank you in advance for your time and help!


Best regards,



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Issue with Viewing Uploaded CV URLs in Custom Property on Application Forms

Hi Tom,


Sorry for the late response. It's not a external form. It's a form created within hubspot. The file doens't seem to attach to the property in the CRM itself. It is stored in the file manager, but the link doesn't appear in the property. 

I hope this makes more sense.

Key Advisor | Partner
Key Advisor | Partner

Issue with Viewing Uploaded CV URLs in Custom Property on Application Forms

Hey @NJ_001 if I'm understanding right, is this an external form integrated with a HubSpot form is this correct? If so, the forms api doesn't actually support file upload fields. The file fields only support a url to an uploaded file, passing a file to this won't store the file automatically like it does when a file upload is used in a HubSpot field. 


You would need to store the file somewhere accessible and add the files url to the file field to be stored. You could for example use the CMS files api to upload the file to HubSpot, and then pass this value to your file field. 


There's another post here which might help shine some more info on this! 

Tom Mahon
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