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Hello, does anyone know if it is possible for Hubspot to identify a visitor as a registered user of our site, and if they are not a registered user of our site, generate a pop up which would encourage them to register? I have our list of registered users imported into Hubspot, so what I would be hoping is if a user is not on that imported list, we can develop a conversion effort via a Hubspot pop up form which would encourage them/require them to register. If this cannot be done via Hubspot, does anyone know of a 3rd party tool with this capability? 


Thank you. 

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Hi @brianmcgann1 ,


1) U can create an module for the Popup, and use value of properties (how subscription type), to control if this popup show or no, but need one developer with knowledge in CSS, HTML and Javascript.  If you have this professional in your team, look this course for learn hot create custom modules and templates in HubSpot:


2) If you dont have this professional, can looks what agencies develops this module. In NA5, we create modules and templates to clientes with HubSpot. 


3) One external tool to popup is, is really good, but i dont know if you can add this rule to show only if not regisered or member of a list, but i believe yes.


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